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Want to Work CVSC Recreational Matches?

If you are looking for recreational matches to work, please follow the link below to get added to an email list that the coaches can send referee requests to.

Receive a request from a coach to referee a game?

Follow the link below to get your assignment added to the Arbiter so you can get paid.

Remember that you must accept the match AND complete the match report!

Youth Referee Reimbursement

Are you a youth referee working CVSC recreational league games? If so, you may be eligible to have your certification/renewal fee reimbursed by the club. To be eligible you must be 18 or under, have a current USSF certification, and work 10 or more CVSC recreational league or CV Cup games. If you qualify, use the link below to submit your reimbursement request. 

How to become a referee

    CVSOA Board

    Tim Kneeland


    Phone: 319-240-3392

    Dan Cawley

    First Vice President

    Phone: 319-493-5295

    Bryan Foster

    Second Vice President

    Phone: 319-239-3974

    Trent Payne

    Youth Director

    Phone: 319-231-6715

    Gerald Kapanka


    Phone: 319-290-5642

    James O'Connor

    Mentorship Director

    Phone: 319-610-6583

    Tony Rink

    CVYSA Director

    Phone: 319-939-3510

    Phil Watson

    IRC Rep / Past President

    Phone: 319-230-9148

    Russ Squires